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INTP with a very strong Ne. Em. type 4. Choleric temperament. they/them pronouns and gender neutral language please.

Gods Will Be Watching, In the Flesh, Supernatural, Hannibal, Welcome to Night Vale, Marvel, Dead Space, Hotline Miami, Daft Punk, Good Omens, and assorted films.

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what this means is that I need to fly to Europeland and drink all of the real stuff myself to become the ultimate fuckboy

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hey so if you enjoy point and click pixel games, existentialism, just have five bucks to spend, let me introduce to you the game that took over a decent portion of my summer.

I initially preorded the collector’s edition of Gods Will Be Watching with a friend because I’m a huge fan of another game Devolver Digital produced, Hotline Miami. I expected to pick it up for a few hours, beat it in a day, and never think much about it after that. I was wrong.

For one, this game is hard as hell. Even after the mercy update which added additional puzzle and narrative only modes that remove some of the chance, I spent honest to god hours trying to beat some of the chapters. The results were rewarding, don’t get me wrong, but every death sent me back to the beginning and with no checkpoint saving that meant every decision I made had the potential to send me down a different path within the level. There were many times that I would have ditched the damn thing, as I’m not a patient person and honestly, point and clicks rarely interest me. But this one did, because it isn’t really a point and click. It’s more of a resource managing survival simulator with a really killer soundtrack.

You follow the life of a man named Burden and direct him in seven different levels; a break in, a torture chamber, a laboratory, a desert. In every chapter, lives are in your hands, and there are often few repercussions for deciding to end those lives or choosing to save them. Do you inject a trusting pet with a poison to find a cure to save your whole team? Do you kill a child to get a security code that might save an entire planet? There’s nothing really stopping you from turning Burden into the most callous antihero you can imagine except that at the end of each level you can see how every other player did and what choices they made.

The game is also incredibly story driven, carefully constructing a gritty universe through simplistic (and gorgeous) pixel graphics and dialogue. The fun part is that while the end in pretty much the same no matter what you do, the small choices you make in early chapters will effect the rest of the game very quietly. I’ve rarely felt so haunted and confused as when I killed a teammate in Gods Will Be Watching, not because what happened was scary but because it didn’t matter.

I’m not going to go too much into that because, spoilers, but if you’re looking for something to lose sleep over for a few days this game will certainly help pass the time and it’s definitely worth five bucks.

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