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I just sit here on the internet and get emotional about science and seraphim and that's pretty much all there is to it. Expect robots.

INTP/INFP. Em. type 4. Choleric temperament. they/them pronouns and gender neutral language please.

In the Flesh, Supernatural, Hannibal, Welcome to Night Vale, Marvel, Dead Space, Hotline Miami, Daft Punk, Good Omens, and assorted films.

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// yes please. gently takes my medicine and whines in your direction. When can we stream movies again.

as soon as I’m back in the dorms again babe

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// best of luck hhhhh. also when you’re done come take care of me I am Very Sick

touches you gently come here I will make you soup and tea and we can watch movies


simon monroe…man of words, leader of many, cool calm and collected in his delivery of moral and political arguments, member of an extremist undead movement…meeting the parents of kieren walker?

"shit" [sweats in theory]  "I LIKE YOUR JEANS fuuuuuck YOUR SON IS AMAZINGOH GOD" [accidentally imply they banged] "I fUCKED UP SHIT"

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// Are you replaying again you big nerd.

I’m trying to get challenges unlocked because I only have fifteen of the achievements and that is Unacceptable

you gotta wonder though about Burden’s relationship w/ the other people in Xenolifer

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